how to easily install the google adsense ads on your wordpress site

how to easily install the google adsense ads on your wordpress site
how to easily install the google adsense ads on your wordpress site
Quick Adsense is an ad management plugin for the best that we can use to install the google adsense ads or banner-banner advertising. By using this plugin, we don’t mess around any more to mengedit-edit our website page coding.

This plugin is designed so that the publisher can easily put ads or adsense unit them. In order to earn a living, the publisher should do some experiments for the placement of their ads. From experiments that would later found the best position and size best for their site.

By using this quick adsense plugin you can determine the layout-layout of your ads randomly on the page of the site very easily. You can display ads as a whole or within a post or page, or after the paragraph that you want in the left, middle, right, under the pictures or wherever you want. You can experiment using this plugin.
Until recently, quick adsense has a number of features. IE:

This plugin is a free plugin, so you don’t need to pay or there is no sharing of results with the author of this application.
You can define the layout of the advertisement by default for the entire web page or can also be set to a specific page only
Ad position can be placed anywhere on your article. Top, bottom, middle, left, right.
You only need to update the copy-paste the ad code for installation.
You can also install your own banner or other ad code in addition to adsense.
You can display as many as 10 advertising units on a page.
You also manage ads on the sidebar up to 10 units as well.
You can manage your ads easily on your posting with a system of quick adsense1 insert.
You can also disable ads on a given page.

You can experiment with this plugin to get the position of the best ad for your site. Here is the page to set up your ads on adsense quick quickadsense.


Place up to is the maximum amount of the ad code will be fihunakan. (Special google adsense diperboleh kan only showing 3 ad unit on a page).

Position is the place for you to experiment in the placement of your ads. Assign checkbox to activate your ads, if you do not want to display a random ad formats. You can choose the ad/ads where you want to display. And the last is the position of the ad layout that you want. Simply by checking the assign whichever you want.

Appearance is used to determine the appearance of the advertisement. Anywhere you want to display ads.

Quicktag is used to regulate the ads you want to display using the tag/insert on page postings.

Ads on post body used to store code and ad format that will appear in the posting.

Ads on the sidebar widget is used to store the code and ad formats to be used as a widget in your sidebar

9 Place Tourist Draw in the Country of Netherlands

9 Place Tourist Draw in the Country of Netherlands – One country which is much visited by tourists all over the world is Holland. Place tour here quite a lot and interesting to see you when you get a chance on vacation in this country. Even though vast its not great, but the potential nature or object other enough to be hunted by the visitors. Anything recommended in the Netherlands? The kind of tour what will be provided? Please read the information below. Guide useful for you who want to vacation and enjoy the 9 sightseeing of the main in the country of the Netherlands, among them:

9 Place Tourist Draw in the Country of Netherlands

The Park Vondelpark. This park was in Amsterdam and was old enough. Built since the year 1864 and has a stage in the middle of it called the Open Lucht Theater. Show music or opera often performed on stage. On the other side also there was huge pool is beautiful. Do you know why Vondelpark so famous in the world? Because in the place of tour, anyone’s welcome to “fuck” freely in the open. And sights like this a lot found in the Vondelpark Holland.park holland
RijksMuseum. It is also in Amsterdam. Here’s the work of a masterpiece of Rembrandt the maestro. It is said that one of his paintings entitled “de Nachtwach” if sold, its value is greater than the asset cash financial state of the Netherlands. And the museum became one of the tour penjagaannya super tight with high technology.

9 Place Tourist Draw in the Country of Netherlands

Park Safari Beekse Bergen. Location located in Hilvarenbeek, in the region of the Brabant North in Holland. Although not as big as the garden safari Cisarua be the pride of the tourist city of Bogor, but this place is enough to suck a lot of tourists especially from countries in Europe.

Canal Of Amsterdam. The country Holland known to have a lot of channels. Supposedly, that’s where this country is under sea level. In the canal along the 100 kilometers there are 1500 bridges that are beautiful and often become the object photography.tour holland.

Natura Artist’s Magistra and the Aquarium Giant. Is a zoo that’s big in Amsterdam. Penataannya interesting because as we were in the original. The citizens of Indonesia a lot staying in hotels around Natura Artist Magistra.Flower garden Keukenhof. One charm tour in Holland is the beauty of the Tulips. And in the Keukenhof you can find thousands of her collection. Hundreds of kinds of flowers typical of spring there is also in this park.

9 Place Tourist Draw in the Country of Netherlands

De Dam or famous also with the Dam Square. A square which must be visited by tourists from all over the world. In place of hangout the citizens of the Netherlands, usually the tourists feed the thousands of pigeons are flying free. Course activities this is a surprise for us, especially coming from the continent of asia because it didn’t found the park, which contains thousands of pigeons like in Amsterdam.

Pack the function of the main protecting groups pack medan

Pack the function of the main protecting groups pack the other is called as ….
a. Pack Primary
b. The Pack Secondary
c. Pack Out
d. Pack Tersier
The Answer Is B.
Proposal : the Pack Secondary, which packs the function of the main protecting group pack other, like for example a box of cardboard to the container cans of milk, a wooden box for container fruit wrapped, basket tempe, and so forth.
8. A sample pack that is rigid is ….
a. Plastic and Paper
b. Bottles and Paper
c. Wood and Metal
d. Plastic bottles and Glass
Answer C.
Proposal : the Pack rigid, namely if the materials packed are hard, stiff, can’t stand lenturan, broken if forced is bent. For example wood, glass, and metal.
9. The purpose of the materials the packaging must be inert is …..
a. Easy to do en masse and the price is relatively cheap
b. Can maintain color, aroma kemasan produk makanan medan, and taste products are packed
c. In order to withstand water or humidity air inside the pack
d. Pack easy shaped and printed
The Answer Is B.
Proposal : the packaging is inert means the pack is not react or cause chemical reaction so that the pack is able to maintain color, aroma, and taste products are packed.
10. Based on the Nature of the Protection Of the Environment, cans and bottle glass a in packs …..
a. Pack Hermetis
b. The pack hold the Light
c. The pack hold a high temperature
d. Pack flexible
Answer A.
Proposal : the Pack Hermetis, which is a container that is excellent can not be compromised by gas, for example cans and bottle glass.

Pack the function of the main protecting groups pack

3. Polipropilen (PP)

9. Cellulose Propionat

Cellulose propionate owning resilience against the impact two times larger than the cellulose asetat, transparent, easily formed and decomposes by strong acid, further alcohol, keton and esther.

10. Etil Cellulose

Etil cellulose has properties of:

Stable at high temperature.
No color, no smell and no taste.
Can’t hold water vapor and gas.
Don’t hold it against solvent organic.
Resistant to grease and oil, so it can be used to pack butter, margarine and oil.
Not much affected by the sun.

11. Methyl Cellulose

Methyl cellulose much used to the capsules because it has properties resistant to edible oil and hewani, in a state of damp not easily fragile. But this material if in direct contact with the water will dissolve, the higher the temperature then will be more the late.

12. Nylons or Polianida (PA)

Nylons or polianinda have a trait as follows:

No taste, no smell, and not poisonous.
Soluble acid formal and is phenol.
Quite a little on gas but has water vapor.
Resistant to high temperature, so appropriate for the packed product is cooked in the packaging like rice instant and grocery store that are experiencing the process of sterilization.
Can be used for pengemasan vacuum/void.

13. Polycarbonate (PC)

A lot of used for pack juice or cider fruit, beer and drinks are of a kind. PC have the nature of:

Transparent and odorless.
Very strong and stand the heat. Suitable for products which requires the process of sterilization.
Resistant to acid weak, substances pereduksi or pengoksidasi, salt, oil, fat and hidrokarbon alifatik.
Will decomposes by alkali, amen, keton, esther hidrokarbon aromatic, and some alcohol.

Location Bali Safari and Marine Park’s Strategic

Location Bali Safari and Marine Park’s Strategic

If you want to down the panoramic fusion of nature and art beautiful transformed garden artificial Tirta Gangga Karangasem, don’t need to set the best time over there. Please come in the morning, noon or afternoon, then every time it emits its beauty is not diminished. Even toward the afternoon, sunshine that breaks through the sidelines the trees in the garden Tirta Gangga Karangasem is giving nuances of beautiful nan romantic and some pictures of sunset with the camera anything must have looked exotic in the three major part in this place.

Location Bali Safari and Marine
on an areal ground with 1,2 acres. The idea basically is to represent the river Gangga as in India, which is famous will be the beauty and the holy water (Tirta). The vastness of the area here it’s pretty exhausting if you’re searching every angle the beauty of it. But trust me, you will not feel any tired. Palace of water like the ambiance with the park Narmada Lombok, founded by the King’s Son Of Anglurah Ketut Karangasem, this never having pemugaran massive because experiencing the destruction caused by a volcanic eruption Of 1963. After pemugaran by the government, the park water Tirta Gangga this get as the tour exotic Bali. Are you interested to explore one of the most beautiful places on the island of Dewata is this?

The location of the zoo of modern with the concept of an animal released free called the Bali Safari and Marine Park is very strategic in Gianyar. Where you place tour is on the way Prof. DR. it is a Good Mantra KM 19,8. And the bypass is really easy to find tourists who want to see collection of wildlife well-in the South part of the middle or east. You’re interested pay a visit to here? Make sure the object on vacation famous in Bali is not missing. Especially the Garden safari this just is 17 kilometers from the city of Denpasar or approximately 30 kilometers from sightseeing beach Kuta.
park safari bali

Bali Safari & Marine Park

Bali Safari & Marine Park (BSMP) which is in Gianyar this is considered by many in the party, same with the TSI Cisarua be tour popular in Bogor. But for those who ever visited them, it turns out there’s a lot of difference right from the collection of wildlife or technique penjelajahan up the tranquility of nature. To do in Bali, car visitors are forbidden to enter into the Park Safari. Visitors are welcome to use the vehicles that provided the BSMP. Besides, the concept of the marine park will be provided here also different with the one in the TSI Cisarua. Here, you can also see a Piranha are vicious.

The South Of The Territory

The South Of The Territory – Shop D’sawah Kerobokan. Tour culinary located on the Street Kerobokan, Kuta North Bali, serve scenic expanses of rice paddy and crops green pleasant eyes. At night, a place to eat a romantic it to be crowded with group tourists. Shop D’Sawah provide special menu Duck, aneka cuisine typical of the island Dewata, even to chinese food and thai western.
The South Of The Territory

shopping in joger


The word “Joger” it’s pretty popular in Bali and is located on Highway Kuta and Highway Bedugul. If at this time you’re on vacation in Bali, sempatkan to visit the Factory Words Joger to buy clothes there. place shopping famous sell T-shirts containing the words funny and weird, guaranteed you will love with the words. Shop Joger always filled with visitors every day who want to buy a t-shirt with words funny and interesting.

Craft silver Celuk
Center Craft silver Celuk

silver Celuk

The Celuk which is on the main road from Denpasar to Gianyar’s been known since 1976. Time ago that there are only 3 craftsmen of silver to be pioneers: Sandiyasa, Sura and Semadi. Development tour Bali the climbing to be a chance for the locals. They put craft silver on the side of the road so tourists who pass through Celuk stopping by and shopping. A unique and design silver typical to make a silver-silver Celuk hunted by tourists who come and want to shop cheap in Bali. To this day, almost every day there is always an entourage of tourists who come to Celuk, both for shopping and see how the process of making silver.
The art market Kuta
The art market Kuta

Kuta Art Market.

The location next to each other with the beach of Kuta Bali famous and right next to the mall. This is the good shopping on the island of Bali, the stuff of art traditionally sold at a low price and very complete. The difference with shopping in Singapore who prefers products of technology and fashion modern. The Art market Kuta located in the street Kartika Plaza next to each other with Kuta Square. Place to shopping in Bali has areal which is quite vast and the products are diverse, so travelers can choose the results of art sold there. The art market open starts at 09.00 in the morning until 1900 local time of night.
Shop Surfer Girl
shop Surfer Girl in bali

Surfer Girl

Shop surf and clothing line origin Bali, Indonesia famous with a mascot girl blonde berkepang two, named Summer. Shop surf women is offering products of clothing and also gear shopping surf belong to brands-brand of surf great, even from the brand of alternative not lose cool his collection is. Till there are 82 brands and about 16.000 items you can find in the shop, Surfer Girl. Place shopping famous located on highway legian this, it does look tiny from the outside, but inside it, really big and keep the collection unique.

You are obliged to visit the whole place was shopping in Bali that we recommend above. Indeed, the shape of the object part of the following market modern clean and well-maintained isn’t shaped building mall like in Bandung. But here’s where the unique and the beauty of it. On some things especially related to art, modernitas doesn’t work replace art up on this island.

Place Tour in Surabaya and Surrounding areas

Place Tour in Surabaya and Surrounding areas – The city of Surabaya as the capital of Java East has a lot of places to tour scattered in the vicinity. It’s not just progress industrinya that made this city famous, but a lot of an interesting to be a destination destinasi vacation. Area metropolitan second largest in Indonesia it has many nicknames, and one of them is called as city of Heroes for the existence of the obelisk memorial to the warriors of the nation. And place it also into destinasi visit to Surabaya, the main for tourists.

Place Tour in Surabaya and Surrounding areas

As the city of industry, Surabaya is not a lot of offers natural beauty natural like the capital of the diyala province, the other in Indonesia, for example tour in the filled with lakes, valley and waterfalls. But quite a lot of places that potentially in the capital of Java East of it as an vacation even though man-made. Very reasonable because the extent of the development of the business in this city. And “thirst” community locals to vacation close to and still be in the city, enough answered by the existence of an object interesting we ulas below.

As for the object to pull the obligatory visit in the capital of Java East of this is:

Obelisk Hero. The monument with a height of 41 metres this is for warning struggle the people of Surabaya against the invaders. This nation became great because of the respect service the hero. One with set up For a warning like this. And tourists who attend to place it is also a proof of appreciation for service they. This place became one of the icon of the history national have popularity can’t lose with the Monas became the icon and a tourist in the city of Jakarta.

obelisk hero

Obelisk Hero
Zoo Surabaya (KBS). The location of the place of recreation this family is on the road Setail no. 1. On the way to the existence of Bonbin established in 1916, had the tides. After a few times, moved the location, too have experienced the fate will be closed in the year 1922. But because a lot of the public didn’t agree to closing, then in the year 1923 formed pengelola zoo new. There are more than 2000 animals that are nurtured in the place of the tour is of around 350 species. Even animals are rare too, am in KBS.

Preparations physical. Make sure you have a physical shape because the trip pretty heavy. Up and down the hill with a couple of points are easy to landslide and slippery. You need to be careful when passing a path that is often taken longsoran ground mount. If you use a guide, you can be sure you will not feel the weight through the field trip as far as 1 KM.

Sample Floor plan of House of Elegance 2 Floors 4 bedrooms

Sample Floor plan of House of Elegance 2 Floors 4 bedrooms
Sample Floor plan of House of Elegance 2 Floors 4 bedrooms
By having the floor to 2, then You can memiiki the green area is more vast that can be planted with various plants that You like. Part of the living room can be separated with the family room or the dining room so as not to eliminate privacy when there are guests. You can also to cook in the kitchen are vast and with the various furniture which will support all the activities You. for a room in the house minalis with 2 floors can dimaksimalkan so that all room spacious
Example sketch the house 2 floor elegance 3 bedroom

Example sketch the house 2 floor elegance 3 bedroom
Thus inspiring home elegance 2 floors that can become an example for some part of the look out or any part interiornya from the shape of the design or part of the whole.

The Idea Of Design Eksterior Home With Garden Elegance

One part of eksterior home enough in cara bangun rumah the role to make the cot You look more semarak, even though standing on land limited is the garden house. To that’s very important also to consider the design eksterior garden to Your house to a purpose that can be achieved.
Eksterior home with concept of open-plan and garden

Eksterior home with concept of open-plan and park (Proveop)

Besides functioning as the element that can make the house become more beautiful, the park also play a role to freshen the air around the house, as a place to relax, also means to release stress due to burden of work at the office. Some people even want to park at the house can be a place to receive guests or playing with the kids.
Inspiration For The Design Eksterior Park

Because being on land is limited of course You can’t expect to have garden space. For it required some of the particular tricks to design eksterior park house elegance You give the impression field. One of the ways that You can try is to use a ceramic-size large to be installed on around the park. Ceramic-ceramic big this serves to make the walls and floor together so that gives a wider outlook.Eksterior house bernuansa tropical with garden and fence elegance (Realestate)

In the park cute though You’re still allowed to put a flower pot, some furniture, pond water fountains, as well as decor other. The threshold, the size of the decorations safe area must equal or balance with the size of the floor of the park. So the garden look more spacious, for design design eksterior elegance park that is making a park home not directly visible from the outside aka hidden.
Eksterior house bernuansa tropical with garden and fence elegance

Place Tour Children in Bandung’s Popular

Place Tour Children in Bandung’s Popular – Window Water
Windows Play. The Area that shaped the park with a path circling around the field and some stop rintang, like an inclined plane and jumping visitors can ride a bike while enjoying the atmosphere Window of Nature that was cool. Also available trampoline in design with in such a way that remains safe for children. Window Play in this Universe also provides the Tub of Sand, that can be used by kids to make the sand castle. And last, here is also available Playground are favored by son-your daughter.
Place Tour Children in
windows the bandung

Window Play

A nice place, isn’t it? Make sure the vacation tour you to the Bandung diperlengkapi with the show visit the Window of Nature, which is a Kids Outbound best in the city of Bandung for children.

The city of Bandung is a place worth a visit for all with age. Starting from kids until adults like area popular. Some object interesting available also tried menjembatani desire each group age. Place tour children in Bandung also is one of the evidence that the offender business tourism in the capital of Java West of trying to seize the attention of families who wanted to berekreasi. Any object that is accidentally specializes in self for the kids but there’s the guy who’s trying to reach for visitors all ages and create the rides of the game according to group age in one location. Proposal us this time covering the object, nature, park recreation “theme park” as well as a tour of education for the son-your daughter.
Place Tour Popular Kids in Bandung

Recommendation 12 of the object the vacation that right for children in the capital of Java West of this is as follows:

Park Traffic Ade Irma Suryani Nasution. The location on the road Belitung no 1, garden city, Bandung. If you want to plant knowledge widely to children since I was a kid about beacon-beacon traffic, the importance of the cultural order and learn to obey the beacon-the beacon was to take them to the park traffic Ade Irma Suryani at the center of the city.

garden tour children in bandung

Park Traffic
Home Elephant Wonderland. Place tour a theme park water adventure it also provides a pool especially for the kids. The location is in Lembang Bandung and guaranteed will give a cheer full to the son of your daughter. There are 20 more of the rides of the game available, which were grouped in various age, so easy to monitor and reduce various risk unwanted.

Home Elephant
Laktasari Mini Farm PVJ. If during this sightseeing intangible farms are always located in the mountains such as in Lembang, but it’s different with this place. The location is in a mall Paris Van java is. There’s a lot that can be done by the children in this place, like give a drink of milk to the lambs and feed the rabbits. The idea smart to do pengelolanya very precise. Because waiting for the mother to go shopping, then the father can accompany the fruit of his heart playing in Laktasari this.

Biogreen Apple Stem Cell Content Plus Collagen

Finally through the process the lab Tech named virtue PhytoCelltec Malus Domestica planting technology of stem cells (stem cells) Apple for protection on the human skin. And now PytoCell is already widely used by the cosmetics industry around the world. Application of Stem Cell in human skin. Humans have several layers of the skin, the outer most skin on the human body is most vulnerable skin (prone) and quickly damaged either because peroses aging, accidents, burns and others. Because the outer skin which most interacts with the environment around us either because UV rays (the Sun), dust, free radicals or scratched because of different hard and sharp.
Biogreen Apple Stem Cell Content Plus Collagen
The cells lining the outer skin is slowly will die and cause wrinkles. This is the required cells indul or stem cell that can regenerate the outer skin cells. But due to ageing in humans at ages 30 and above, the stem cells in humans will also be weakened and cannot produce the cells of the outer skin in place. Based on clinical trials, research results of PhytoCell Apple Uttwiler Spatlauber can help awaken and regenerate the cells in the tissue in the human body. So that will help the process of regenerating dead skin cells causes the wrinkles to become young again! And uniquely Apple stem cell again, this not only regenerate skin cells, but also including cells in other tissues of the body as a whole if we consume on a regular basis. Diseases arising from an inefficient provision of the cells in the body due to the aging process automatically can be cured (recovery).
Some of the common diseases that we meet, among others, diabetes, hypertension, kidney or lever, uric acid, the stomach acid (with notes), colds, asthma, Ambeien, kebotakkan and many more. The author himself before consuming Biogreen Apple stem cell biogreen gold bandung disease annual colds are very sensitive to cold, asthma allergies and inflammations of the ear due to the influx of water while swimming. The author’s ears are often issued the yellowish liquid is already 1 year and more.
Although already use ear drops medicine from doctors but recovery is only temporary. Since registering the Biogreen automatically get 1 box of 30 sachets Biogreen content Apple Stem cell plus collagen, of annual colds diseases and inflammations of the ear is slowly recovering after consuming regularly within 2 weeks. Now the author’s ear does not emit liquid again and started to dry out! For asthma the author himself has yet to see a doctor, because these diseases are allergy and rarely relapse, what else since consume Biogreen Apple Stem cell, altogether has never recurred. Biogreen Apple Stem Cell Content Plus Collagen.

Interesting of course to know what ingredients are contained in 1 sachet Biogreen Apple stem cell content plus 5 grams, because given the word plus means a product from PT. Bio Organic Archipelago is not only contain Apple stemcell only. The following is the composition of the box Apple Stem Cell Plus: fish Collagen (Hydrolysis), ascorbic acid, L-Glutathion, Apple Powder, Dextrose, Maltodextrin, PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica ™, Argan PhytoCellTec ™. While the nutrients contained therein consist of: 3kcal 04g total fat Energy Carbohydrates Total 28g Protein 95g 0mg Calcium may be giddy if reading scientific terms in Biogreen Apple Stem Cell Plus. Well, a writer will explain in outline

the Museum beast in medan

the Museum beast in medan

Rahmad Museum Crocodile Acid Beetles. In this place there are thousands of crocodile tails. Located in the village of Acidic Beetle, about 5 kilometers from the city center of Medan. captive wild animals is run by a family who utilize backyard as a place of captivity. And then evolved into a crocodile that accommodates more than 2500 crocodile tail.
the Museum beast in medan
Crocodile Acid Beetles

The Acid Beetles
Tangkahan. The famous jungle with Sumatran elephant. Tangkahan be wild forest, cruising down the many exotic caves containing bats, and a visit to the river and waterfalls with lovely views of the typical mountainous regions. Waterfall Tangkahan is 100 kilometers from the city of Medan.

forest Tangkahan

forest Tangkahan
Lake Toba. If the object is famous in North Sumatra is no doubt its beauty. As the largest lake in Southeast Asia, many foreign and domestic tourists who see the beauty of Lake Toba. The distance from the city of Medan this volcanic Lake is 177 kilometers. And you takes nearly 5 hours because of road conditions snaking past the ravine. The interesting part of Lake Toba is the existence of the island of Samosir in its center called. Foreign tourists usually prefer to stay in a particular region of Samosir Tuk. Because the atmosphere is like in Legian, where many cafes, pubs and bars are quite tire noise.

the largest lake in indonesia

Lake Toba

Such information about interesting attractions that are in the city of Medan and surrounding areas. The capital city of North Sumatra this town better known as the largest business number three in Indonesia. Hence the development of the enchanting holiday destinations preferred in some areas in the vicinity. And to simplify your journey, please follow the following interactive map guide.
13 Attractions Favored in Padang of West Sumatra Vacation spots for you will be experienced if you visit tourist spots are scattered in an area of Padang of West Sumatra as well as in General. There are many attractive vacation destinations that you can visit here. The popularity of this place have sounded to foreign tourists. Even one of the world’s famous film, has a villa on the beach of the famous exotic in West Sumatra. The following guide vacation visit interesting attractions that 13 definitely favored by travelers who want to visit the region of Padang and surrounding areas.
tourism in the desert

Jam gadang

As for tourism in the West Sumatra city of Padang and surrounding areas include:

Lake Maninjau. Located in the Regency of West Sumatra, Agam, this you can visit by car for 3 hours from the city of Padang. Distance fare is around 140 kilometres to the North. This beautiful Lake is the third largest in area of the island of Sumatra, after Lake Toba which is the pride of Medan City tourism and Lake Singkarak.