Law started and answering greetings

One of the many rights of fellow Muslims is conveying the greetings. The greeting is a greeting which contain the goodness in it, bring the love and broadened the dada (made quiet) for a muslim who hears it. How many people say greetings to his brother or whether it be in person or by phone or mail or SMS to them love each other, love one another and mutually compassionate affection. They did so only because of the sincere to Allah ta’ala and had a good aim and that is to pray for his brother. Examples include greetings we have know “Assalam alaikum wa barakatuh warrohmatullohi” or meaning best wishes to you all and best wishes for Alloh bless and bless it.

Law started and answering greetings

This truly beautiful greeting, no beautiful greeting is appropriate but this greeting spoken and will be even more wonderful if a greeting is always dispersed and pronounced when you meet with your same faith it’s either on campus or in a mosque or at home or in other places that you can to start greetings. And of course, for the application of greetings in era now must look at the conditions and situations as well as the benefit (benefit) for the person you want to salami. As an example:

1. Do not you say greetings when your friend is in the TOILET because of the WC is a dirty place inappropriate for a muslim to converse in it let alone start and reply to the greeting. As it is said in the book Al-Qayyim Zadul Ibnul Ma’adnya that Allah ta’ala hated conversation in WC or bathroom.

2. Do not you say greetings when your best friend is being packed with lahapnya because it can be so when he replied to the greetings you’ll endanger himself because it was feared he would be tersendak by the food. As stated by some health experts, that man was forbidden to talk while eating because it would harm him.

3. Do not you say greetings when your friend was sleeping because it could be your deeds and even disturbing his sleep. And other examples of which you are not recommended to pronounce salutation due to certain considerations.

A little explanation of this, you may be asked “So what greetings started legal?” then the answer could be “some scholars explain (such as Shaykh ‘ Uthaymeen in Al-Sharh Riyadhus Sholihin) that the law start Greetings it is sunnah means an order or suggestion containing virtue but did not reach the level required. That is, you start it nothing wrong when you notice any benefit and it’s more mainstream. For example, when you receive or pick up the phone from someone or when you want to talk on the phone with someone such as your parents or your professor or your in-laws or your friends. However, you do not start it also not why if indeed such kemaslahatannya as the three examples above “.

The conclusion of started and answering greetings

Then, “what are the legal answer greetings tsb?” then the answer is “answer the greetings of his law obligatory kifayah meaning when there are one or several people answer it then the liability of another person who was in the Assembly or the Assembly of the tsb becomes fall and this law applies if someone say greetings to crowds. Such as, when your Professor say greetings in the classroom and in the unlikely event that time there were only 3 people who answer it then it is already sufficient means that the entire obligation of answering greetings from 99 other people have fall (such as in a class you have 100 people). However, this law could turn into the obligatory ‘ ain. “

The conclusion of started and answering greetings

Then someone asked “Why why can be so? Is it not Fard kifayah said earlier? “then the answer is” as you must know, that the law of obligatory kifayah applies if someone say greetings to crowds in an Assembly such as a class or in a discussion or tutorial and some people in the Assembly have answered it though just 1 person. Meanwhile, the law of obligatory ‘ ain this applies when there is someone uttering greetings personally to you does that mean he uttered a greeting to you and indeed when it’s just you that’s in place of the tsb and the td is indeed specialized greetings tsb just for you then the Fard ain ‘ for you to answer it. Such as, when you are standing alone in front of the class and then there are your friends who say greetings and shake your hand then it is compulsory for you to reply to the greeting and not kosher (unclean) for mendiamkannya “.

His conclusion:

1. The law start Greetings in General is the sunnah. Despite the ruling, the sunnah, but you are very stressed to say greetings to others that Muslims when they wish to make starting a conversation as he Shollallohu ‘ Alaihi Wa Sallam said, “when you find him you give my regards to him” (narrated by Muslim and Tirmidhi).

2. The law answering Greetings is Fard kifayah however under certain circumstances the law may become Fard ain ‘ as in the example above.

3. this greeting can bring the love for your brethren who are muslim as he Shollallohu ‘ Alaihi Wa Sallam said: “do you want me to walk in something when you do you will love each other? I.e. spread salam amongst you “(narrated by Muslim).

4. Say the salam is one of the many causes of someone can go to heaven. He Shollallohu ‘ Alaihi Wa Sallam said: “o man, spread the greeting, hubungkanlah cord of kinship, give food, and sholatlah at night when people are asleep in the Middle, you will enter paradise in peace” (narrated by Muslim).

5. And lastly, it turns out that there is nothing more noble than his sunnah deeds obligatory or mandatory IE start Greetings since the introduction of something to something else it signifies that something they will have precedence. But we have to know, that the obligatory deeds is better than the obligatory prayers as sunnah deeds is better than the obligatory prayers, fasting sunnah prayers (such as Ramadan) is better than fasting sunnah and examples of these are two of the many examples that are interesting. There’s even a sunnah prayers but the ruling obligated due to certain reasons. You curious?? Then be patient to wait for the next article.

Design cage, farm goat aqiqah

The cage in the raise shape of the stage, because basically it would just be easier for breeders to do surveillance against ternakan that myself. The bottom of the cage to make a little slanted with a tilt of 60’. The bottom of the cage is positioned under the floor because kontrusi the cage to make the system pangggung. Work to waste poo, goat poo can direct flow to the ditch or the shelter of the goat will be provided around the cage. The primary goal of pembagunan the bottom of the cage itself is so so created the cleanliness of the cage. Because the cage clean is a way of prevention of disease in cattle. If later on the floor under the cage is still poo, goat poo better every day the cage cleared or cleaned in order not to appear smell who can threaten the health of livestock.

The following Disain Kennel Goats are good

Design the Cage was made in such a way so that in the feeding position the body of the Goat was really in a nice spot, because it will affect the process of metabolism

Design cage, farm goat aqiqah

The cage of the goat

Must be fresh (venting is good, enough sunlight, clean, and, at minimum, is nearly 5 meters from the house).
The size of the cage used is :
Cage beranak : 120 cm x 120 cm /tail
Cage stem : 100 cm x 125 cm /tail
Cage boy : 100 cm x 125 cm /tail
Cage stud : 110 cm x 125 cm /tail
The cage virgin/adult : 100 cm x 125 cm /eco

Economizing space and materials. To save space, the door diintegrasi with the bulkhead. In this way secretary of defense to use wood too, also more efficient because it doesn’t need a beam that’s too much
2. Ease and efficiency cost management cage. For breeders especially beginners think the cage makes it easier in bred instead of demanding. Because that’s the floor under the cage, not cemented. Because the floor is not cemented then the breeders don’t have to clean it every day with water.

Secretary of defense to use the water will add to the cost of production. Besides with the ground floors, the cage is not damp because of the urine of the goat is absorbed the ground. Of course this is also taking into account the nature of the ground where the cage will be absorbing or not. With using soil as the media penyerap, the smell of urine, goat can deduct (as a matter of fact urine is the source of the smell). This is important especially if the cage close to the residential population. Some breeders may beragumen if the floor of the ground negating the utilization of urine. The argument is right and not wrong. But for a beginner better putting the important, easy and cheap first rather than focusing on things that have value economically small.

To depart from the idea base on Mr. the Revelation made drawings design the cage

Here is the statistics got in the field:

– Total workers needed 4 people. 2 a to progress the cage. 2 assistant curator (laden) to progress the lift, making the ponies and the roof.
– Total time workmanship 6 days which is: 2 days to progress the cast legs, 1 day to progress the bottom of the floor and of horses, 1 day to progress the roof, 2 days to progress the floor, bulkhead, wall or fence, and manger.

Analysis Of Material The Cage Little Goat
Cement 3 zeke
Sand 1 pick up
Iron concrete diameter 10 = 2 sticks

Wood coconut 8×12x4m= 4 rods
3m =4 rods
2m= 5 bars
1m =4 rods

The floor
Wood used-pallets 3x10x200= 62 rods

Pole / Horse-horse
Wood coconut 8×12 3m= 10 sticks
A 2.5 m = 5 bars

Usuk 5×7 x 4m=10 sticks

The roof
Asbestos 105×300= 9 stems
Asbestos 75×150= 12 bars

Sendeng, Fences/Walls, Partition & Door
Usuk 4×6 x4m= 35 sticks
Board 2×6x 4m = 80 rods

Manger & Pit Head
Usuk 4×6 x 4m = 13 stem
Board 2×20 x 4m = 3 sticks
Board 2×20 x 3m = 4 rods

The stairs
Wood coconut 8×12 x 1m = 4 rods
Usuk 4×6 x 4m = 4 rods

Nail (of) 15 pounds

Some notes Sir the Revelations about the design of the cage:
– The floor is made low from the surface of the ground is a preference the owner of the stables himself. This made a manger out of reach and make it easier pendistribuan feed cattle (ramban). High the cage can be adjusted with the preference each
– Source water is not too abundant. While the condition of the ground sandy has drainage (drying). Because the floor is left not cemented. To the bottom of the cage need to be adjusted with the type of soil at the location of the cage each.

This article suport by aqiqah murah, aqiqah surabaya, aqiqah jakarta, aqiqah bandung, aqiqah murah bandung aqiqah bandung , tempat qurban, if any mistake please forgive me.

The QUALITY of the meeting in the life with salam

The QUALITY of the meeting in the life of the people has its own strengths to fortify unity and integrity of the people. Therefore, each meeting should be based on ‘ scent ‘ fraternity and friendliness. The life of the people is good, reflected in their behavior which one when meeting their mutual pool area was great. Greet each other with, can establish the solidarity and harmony among the people who have a variety of characters.

For example, Indonesia as the island nation rich in cultural diversity, and the religion of its citizens. The harmony society in the life of a nation and a country should be a priority. Moreover, residents of largely Muslim Indonesia, a very religious respect values togetherness in the Congregation.

The QUALITY of the meeting in the life with salam

Duly, Muslims in this country became a pioneer in the movement keep ukhuwah people for the sake of the integrity of the nation.

Islam has made the life of the believer’s identity as regards the Congregation, when and wherever they are. Its full persaudara Muslims also depend heavily on the existence of greetings in a harmonious life. Communication will be more quality if always starts and ends with each other with sincere greetings to pronounce. Meanwhile, communication is the primary means in the lives of Muslims who respect the social values and Imamate worshipers.

The Messenger of Allaah ‘ alaihi Wassalam has given attention to the practice of greeting, he motivated his people to always instill and practice the greetings in everyday life. As Muslims, it certainly wouldn’t hurt if we pronounce salutation when meeting anyone. Because prayer in regards to which we pass on to other people, indirectly also benefit for ourselves.

The Messenger also never hesitate to repeat the greeting several times when it came to his people, it is as evidence of how important regards. As mentioned in a Hadith, that when the Prophet went to a House, then he uttered a greeting to them three times. (Bukhari)

So the Messenger of Allaah ‘ alaihi Wassalam confirms to us the necessity of spreading the greeting, terlebih-lebih for those of his life into the spotlight the people in this world. Very much a public figure that ignores the current greeting when they meet other people especially the poor papa again. They only convey greetings if you have a specific goal and purpose, then only in circles or his colleagues only.

This is in contrast to life in the days of the Prophet. Once a day, Abdullah bin Umar RA go to market and say greetings on every person he met, someone asked her. “What do you do in the market o Ibn ‘ Umar? Thou shalt not trade, not really buying something and didn’t offer merchandise, you also did not join in the Assembly of the people in the market. ” Ibn ‘ Umar replied, “Behold, I go there just to spread the greeting on the people I’ve come across.”

How to be a Developer Property capital minimal results maxi

How to be a Developer capital minimal results maxi

the beginning the beginning I also never thought about it before, the dream also did not have develover……
How to be a Developer Property capital minimal results maxi
But uh…. it turns out when it’s know (she kept… I think so, and now the fact that I now being to manage a housing in bandung west,

You can get it an entrepreneur developer, with only ONE capital ,that’s ” WILLPOWER”….is keep how to do it, I do not have the capital, let alone a developer isn’t a business class snapper……” WILLPOWER” though strong…..that’s always been a question to me…..


there are Three tones that we play so we can make depelover capital MINIMAL

1. The owner of the land the land would take cooperation……

2. Contractors………

3. Banking……..

well that’s three tones that we have to play….

my question, where do we get the capital…..????????

The location of the project dimodali by the owner of the land, the cost of construction in talangi by the Contractor in the form of a payment per termijn, to pay kontaktor use the money the Bank through KPR….


this just illustrated easily. but the fact remains we have to have a capital beginning, where we fund the early to make the Permission and legality, creation of marketing keet, pematangan land and cost planning. it should all be done before the sale. but on appeal omzet in a of capital that is far more promising than business-business other….

so on principle on this business to keep the business well-financed big deal, just the capital of the biggest on owner of land, for that we should be able to apply fair in the division of the proceeds with the owner of the land, because she’s the commissioner’s biggest as the owner of the land…

the next step you should do is :


Looking for land that landowners would take cooperation, to fuck into the housing…….

the vast usually very difficult to sell in the present, who wants to buy land to milyar2 if not to make the factory, or housing….

so it’s possible people to work together in the management of the land very in mungkinkan once….

for the moment this is very much one developer who runs the system to work together in making the project real estate…

if we get the land the want in to take to work together in the development project the housing, is one step for you to get to the terlaksanannya project housing….because the factor land is the capital the largest in this project…..

invite landowners to become members of the commissary in possession of project housing, and be open to the owner of the land in the calculation of business …don’t mentang-mentang the owner of the land of the village who happens to be his dunia property di ponorogo murah yang bisa menjadi solusi perumahan yang aman dan nyaman serta yang penting adalah murah dan bisa menjadi tempat tinggal yang sehat n a lot, then we memanfaat right he with all the he’s innocent…REMEMBER…this business should be with HONESTY and also being TOGETHER in pengelolaannya…so there is no dispute at a later date….

So the Land is the elements most important in business real estate…..yes, if there aren’t ground what you want in to fuck hehe….

oh yeah….but watch out, don’t just there are people who want the land in work filling and immediately we brush…..

we have to analyze also the location of the land that was….what’s near the graveyard…?/ soils far from the center of the city or the activities of citizens…? or ground is a problem….? check the first evidence of her possession…? and other…….., the land has a kontur flat and sharp are also to be seen, because it will determine the cost of the construction of infra structure…..

if to stage the cub should we menggarap land that’s not too broad, for example we’re pretty menggarap the 3,000 m2 it used to be…because in the beginning not much is known about the constraints of what we’re dealing with, to where we take care of perijinan, and other stuff….

The Second step to do is :

Looking for a building Contractor

to work on we…anyway that was easy….in droves because the contractor ngantri in front of our office, was….jaminannya what for contractors, if depelover this is really to be trusted….depelover his chief capital knee…..???

system pembayaranya made the deal in partnership with the banking, so that in the process of deicing the cost of KPR directly at the split in the name of the account depelover, the account of contractor and the account of the owner’s land….it safe everything…..there will be no lies between us…

indeed sometimes a lot of the developer’s ngemplang payment of the same contractor, and deicing of the bank’s liquid….uh by the developer instead dibelikan again to DP land somewhere else….and it very often happens, then be careful for a contractor if you’d like to take the job to the developer….a lot of developer naughty…..

step Three :

In cooperation with the banking

applying the proposal to work together with several banks, the banks would have it in take work the same. people banking too need customers….well we gave the customer to the bank….yeah,,,must have a bank atooh….thing, in you customers….



for what it’s worth ………….

The Danger Of Fast Food On Health

The Danger Of Fast Food On Health

The Danger Of Fast Food On Health
Consuming food junk food too much is not good for the health of our bodies. Because food junk food more contain chemicals dangerous compared to trace vitamins or substances other needed by the body. Other than that, the food junk food also contain ingredients that are not natural, nutrition low and tend to use a substance additif excessive. Better consume are all-herbal, so that our bodies stay healthy and spared from various diseases dangerous.

Food junk food produced by some company, good industry house, factory or restaurant. Basically, the effect of the negative given by the third company the same. Which is the food that produced them, the same contain a substance which is dangerous for the body. And can trigger the begin with the various diseases in the body. The principals the company don’t care about the consequences inflicted by often consuming this food.

Besides that, ago issues concerning food junk food dominate the news disore day. Most of the industry is no longer using the materials and the way if healthy. Such a thing can be proved with the addition of chemicals that are dangerous to food such, as Borax and it’s formalin. Second subtansi such a component main trigger berkembangnya cancer cells in the human body.

Myself every human must have had cancer cells and around-the-clock potentially be cancer. If cancer cells those triggered by consuming pengawet regularly, then it won’t shut down the possibility he would positively have cancer. If you’re already started attacking medicate with medicines that are herbal.

But from such the danger is conceived by food junk food, the level request will be the product this keeps growing. And being a food staple to the community. On the basis this writer feel it’s very important to lift the theme, “the Influence of food junk food against the amount of cancer in Indonesia.

1. Understanding food junk food
Food junk food is a type of food packed, easy presented, practical, and diolah with a simple way. Food is generally produced by industrial processing food with high technology and gives you a variety of zat aditif for mengawetkan as well as give taste to the product.

2. Impact positive food junk food
Food junk food circulating in Indonesia when it reaches 500-600 kinds. The kind of the consists of food and drink produced in the scale small and large. Availability food junk food this will give an ease to the selection of the type of food, quality of food and practical. This is the impact positive of the existence of food fast-food restaurant.

3. The kind of food junk food and the Impact Negatifnya
Judging from the source produksinya, Food fast-food restaurant is divided up into three categories, namely: food fast-food restaurant thai restaurant west, product instant thai industrial factories, and food to cook thai industry household or ordinary so-called merchant five feet.

a. Category Food fast-food restaurant thai restaurant
food on the category it’s for example like pizza, hot dogs and so forth. Where food is not healthy the comes from the culture of the west who brought and introduced to Indonesia. Hence, a lot of people in Indonesia consuming food, obesitas, and a menu of modern society now.

b. Food instant thai industry factory
This food is usually closed with the pack that can come from plastic, cans, glass, or materials other. The product is none known, some of the following side dishes pauk, instant noodles, milk, cheese, santan, and nuggets or sausages. Negative impact on the category this is the most high because judging from factor production used, the packaging used, and the substance additif added, food this instant most of it contains chemicals that are dangerous.

Factor production of are the following materials raw used by producers can be a material nutritious low. Besides, most of the producers use packs that don’t fit with the standart national Indonesia (SNI). According to the chairman of the federation pengemasan Indonesia Hengky Darmawan stated that in Indonesia the system pengemasannya new 10% according to the rules SNI. The selection of kind of packing should pay attention to the food grade and food safety.[1]

Several factors affect the producers in choosing the pack is looking interesting, able to protect the product packed, and consideration economically. The materials used for this a plastic or Styrofoam (wrapping instant noodles and nuggets), PVC – (polyvinyl clorida) for wrapping flower, sugar, canned food, fruit, milk, and food, side dishes pauk.[2]

The step to bred goat for aqiqah and consume

The step to  bred goat for aqiqah and consumeGoat is a goat for aqiqah of livestock that have been dibudidayakan. Way bred the Goat already taught by our parents in generations, and maintain the Goat’s not hard to Karen anything enough is available in this country. Various goat for aqiqahs of plants can be used as the food of the Goat. But in do way bred was a good Goat should pay attention to what food have to retune to a Goat and give the effect the maximum in growth and development. Goat for aqiqah of leaf-daunan enough to retune to opleh Goat between the other leaves turi, lamtoro and nangka.

The step to bred goat for aqiqah and consume

Prepare specifically drink water that’s been mixed with POC CIREMAI, with a dose of 1 closed bottle / 5 gallons of water. The goal is to increase the appetite of the Goat and help the process of digesting food to be perfect. Fertilizer organic liquid CIREMAI made from ingredients natural clean and friendly environment, so it’s safe for the cattle.
How to bred a good Goat need to know eight race Goat original Indonesia

The other thing that we need to know in the run way bred Goat is, we make sure to know “the Goat” are we going to farm, it is an aim that we already know since the beginning of the behavior, profit and loss bred “the Goat” in particular, so we can mengoptimalkan results and minimize risk. as for ra Goat ali, Indonesia is :

Some goat for Kambing Aqiqah Murah di surabaya, jogja, semarang, jombang, sidoarjo dan sekitarnya of Goat in Indonesia scattered in the dry and berbukit or area of mountains, Goats are the goat for aqiqah of animals that are afraid of the water, the way bred Goats can be classified into 2 types namely :

Goat cut (income meat)
Goat dwi function (manufacturer of meat and milk)

Based on the purpose of the maintenance, the way bred Goats can be classified into two namely :

Some goat for aqiqah of Goat that has been known by the general public is

half-breed Etawah (PE)

The second goat for aqiqah of Goat it’s been adapted well with the conditions of the tropical wet in Indonesia, but way bred Goats each goat for aqiqah of have something special. The Goat beans have something special compared to a Goat PE which are both twins and distance beranak the shorter.


Goat Marica scattered in the diyala province, sulawesi south, Goat marica is almost similar to the Goat nuts, but there is a difference is the appearance of the body’s smaller dibandingan Goat beans, ear up against the side of the direction forward, the horns are relatively small and short


Goat this is maintained for generations by the villagers who lived on the island of samosir, in the middle of lake toba, district samosir, the diyala province sumatera north.


Goat estuary found in the area of the district moray, district Tapanuli north in the diyala province sumatera north. Looks great, the body compact and sebaran color of the fur varies between the color of fur brown rosy, white and black. Weightlessness Goat estuary is greater than Goat nuts.


Lokais spread the Goat of costa around jakarta and the banten, the Goat it has the form of the body, the nose flat and sometimes there’s a curved, horns short and furry short


Goat gembrong scattered in the area east of the island of bali especially in district karangasem, the hallmark of a Goat is hairy, long, long fur around 15-25 cm, even the hair on the head to cover the face and ears. Long hair evident on Goat boy and Goat gembrong female furry short ranges 2-3 cm, Goat gembrong smaller than the Goats a CON but bigger than a Goat nuts.

The following is a medical as a first aid against fever dengue:

The following is a medical as a first aid against fever dengue

The following is a medical as a first aid against fever dengue:

Supply the body fluids with recopy water.
Compress the forehead of a patient to a high fever to subside.
Given medicine penurun hot according anjuran doctor.
Bring the patient to a hospital or puskesmas when patients are not experiencing changes in positive (a decrease in heat as well as symptoms of another) even though you have done step first aid.
Forced to go to the hospital if the condition of the patient get worse, the awareness is getting lost, and aggravated with can’t drink water until vomiting constantly.

Medicine scarlet Fever Dengue (DBD)

Before treatment to the doctor (because the conditions are bad), the suffering can consuming drug fever bleeding traditional the following ln order to help reduce the symptoms of the perceived.

1. Juice Skin Manggis
On the skin manggis there are zat antioksidan called Xanthone that can help speed up the recovery conditions of the patients DBD light. You can make juice skin manggis with how to dredge the inside of the skin (resembling the membrane colored white), then blend and add a little honey.

2. Juice Jambu Seed
Jambu seeds or jambu klutuk a fleshy red is said by the experts as a natural for the jacked up trombosit (white blood cells) that are highly required by the patient DBD. Therefore, the doctor often advises patients in the phases of healing to always fill the fluid all at once in multiplying the production trombosit regularly drink juice jambu seed.

3. Cider Fruit Dates
Cider fruit dates are also alternative natural to help jacked up production trombosit is reduced a lot due to the virus dengue. Berkurangnya trombosit can threaten lives. For it when You terjangkiti DBD, it would be nice consuming food that can raise the trombosit like cider fruit dates.

4. Jiblonkas (Carica papaya)
Leaves jiblonkas often use potions DBD, especially at the leaf jiblonkas manly or leaf jiblonkas gandul. On leaves jiblonkas there are various enzymes like papain, karpain, amount of nicotine, pseudokarpain, miosimin, kontinin, and glikosida karposid.

In general, leaf jiblonkas gandul used to cure stomachache, fever, malaria, and the disease the worm’s belly, as well as help the process pencernaam. This made the leaves pepya as a herb medicine in 23 countries recognized a lot of the parties, including WHO (World Health Organization).

The results of the research show that the leaves jiblonkas berkhasiat give the effect of therapy on the inflammatory or swelling vital organ like the heart, eyes, genitals, and gut smooth. Relation to scarlet fever is a experience swelling in their liver. Besides, the leaves jiblonkas also be antioksidan, antikoagulan, and is able to heal wounds on the hull and intestine.

5. An Ireng (Curcuma aeruginosa)
An ireng is plants medicine asthma, cough, fillip of appetite, rheumatism, preventer rheumatism, and anthelmintik. In an irek stored saturation oil atsiri like turmeron and zingiberene. There are compounds kurkuminoid (kurkumin I, II, and III) as well as substances pati, saponin, alkaloid, and fatty.

Virus Zika in Indonesia

Virus Zika in Indonesia

 — a number of Latin American countries now in the middle of the haunted with the plague virus Zika. This Virus allegedly caused a baby born with a head smaller than the normal size (mikrosefali).

The number of reported continues to rise. Brazil says the number of babies born mikrosefali has reached almost to 4,000 since October 2015.

A neighboring country of Brazil, like Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador and Jamaica to recommend the women postpone pregnancy until known more about the virus Zika.

Organization Health World (WHO) estimates the virus Zika will spread to the countries of America besides Canada and Cile.

Head of WHO Margaret Chan, is concerned because the virus is spreading widely, yet immunity a small community.

Here’s 5 things you need to know about the virus zika:

1. What that virus Zika

Virus Zika in the family Flaviviridae. The symptoms of having the virus Zika among others, a headache, a rash on the face, neck, arm up, may also spread to the palm of the hands and feet, fever and pain your back.

First isolated in 1948 from a monkey in the Forest Zika, Uganda. It seems, from here the name of Zika dilekatkan on this virus.

2. Be spread by mosquito Aedes aegypti

The plague virus in supposedly brought the mosquito Aedes aegypti. But the researchers still suspect a possible way of deployment than a mosquito bite.

3. The relationship between mikrosefali and Zika

Relationships are both still not confirmed. However a number of babies died are known to have the virus in the brain.

4. What drugs to tackle the virus Zika?

Yet there is no effective vaccine or medicine to prevent fever Zika. The public is asked to protect themselves by preventing mosquito bites and keeping health.

5. Whether the Zika virus was discovered in Indonesia?

Institutions Eikjman ever reported the presence of virus Zika to the Ministry of Health. Researchers Eikjman Institute found the virus when there’s a plague of fever of dengue in the Province of Jambi, December 2014-April 2015.

If necessary, You could grow a plant tulasi in the window of the house. This plant has the ability to keep mosquitoes and prevent perembang let the kid mosquito.
When in the house look a lot of mosquitoes blew away, use way powerful to get rid of him. Namely with the burning of mothballs in the room that You believed in as a source bersarangnya mosquito, then close the window and the door (You’re out of the house) for 15 minutes. After that spray with pengharum room, and Your home will be free from mosquitoes.

Scarlet fever is a disease that can threaten a lot of lives, according to the level of keparahannya. Due to the scary things, for those of You who haven’t feel the pain pain of the joints due to virus infected dengue, take care of always the cleanliness of the house and continue to do steps to prevent mosquito fever bloody breeding and nesting in the house.


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how to easily install the google adsense ads on your wordpress site
how to easily install the google adsense ads on your wordpress site
Quick Adsense is an ad management plugin for the best that we can use to install the google adsense ads or banner-banner advertising. By using this plugin, we don’t mess around any more to mengedit-edit our website page coding.

This plugin is designed so that the publisher can easily put ads or adsense unit them. In order to earn a living, the publisher should do some experiments for the placement of their ads. From experiments that would later found the best position and size best for their site.

By using this quick adsense plugin you can determine the layout-layout of your ads randomly on the page of the site very easily. You can display ads as a whole or within a post or page, or after the paragraph that you want in the left, middle, right, under the pictures or wherever you want. You can experiment using this plugin.
Until recently, quick adsense has a number of features. IE:

This plugin is a free plugin, so you don’t need to pay or there is no sharing of results with the author of this application.
You can define the layout of the advertisement by default for the entire web page or can also be set to a specific page only
Ad position can be placed anywhere on your article. Top, bottom, middle, left, right.
You only need to update the copy-paste the ad code for installation.
You can also install your own banner or other ad code in addition to adsense.
You can display as many as 10 advertising units on a page.
You also manage ads on the sidebar up to 10 units as well.
You can manage your ads easily on your posting with a system of quick adsense1 insert.
You can also disable ads on a given page.

You can experiment with this plugin to get the position of the best ad for your site. Here is the page to set up your ads on adsense quick quickadsense.


Place up to is the maximum amount of the ad code will be fihunakan. (Special google adsense diperboleh kan only showing 3 ad unit on a page).

Position is the place for you to experiment in the placement of your ads. Assign checkbox to activate your ads, if you do not want to display a random ad formats. You can choose the ad/ads where you want to display. And the last is the position of the ad layout that you want. Simply by checking the assign whichever you want.

Appearance is used to determine the appearance of the advertisement. Anywhere you want to display ads.

Quicktag is used to regulate the ads you want to display using the tag/insert on page postings.

Ads on post body used to store code and ad format that will appear in the posting.

Ads on the sidebar widget is used to store the code and ad formats to be used as a widget in your sidebar